Our flexible thin film solar cells are based on the most advanced CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide) technology. Our innovated roll-to-roll production process delivers lightweight and flexible photovoltaic (PV) material in state-of-art facilities in Hangzhou, China. CIGSs are very well positioned in the field of PV technologies with present record efficiencies for small cells of 22.3 % and for production size modules of 16.5 %. It is also known for its economical, ecological advantages, including highest energy yield at different light conditions; large scale availability of raw materials and no environmental risk from hazardous materials. We partner with industry leading brand to develop various applications in solar field. Our CIGS technology with 1 GW production capacity can provide electricity below $ 0.06/kWh (LCOE) and contribute to CO2 reduction in a significant manner.