Dynamical Solar Power Pack (30 W, 13200 mAh)

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This Power Pack features both a 30 W fully functional solar cell, as well as a emergency battery, useful for jumpstarting cars, as well as emergency response, field service, handheld tools and other remote devices that need power. The set is easily utilized, and features a compass, emergency light signal, and flashlight for high-stress situations.

Model No: SY-SPF30

Specifications (of Solar Panel):

Dimensions (Folded) : 10.2'' x 6.3'' (258 mm x 160 mm) 

Dimensions (Unfolded): 41.1'' x 20.2'' (1044 mm x 514 mm)

Maximum Power: 30 W ± 7% (19 V, 1.6 A)

Weight: 560 g


Specifications (of battery):

12v, 13200mAhr lithium battery


  • 12V/2A for 12V devices
  • 12V/200A for car jump start
  • 19V/3.5A for laptops
  • 5V/2A for USB devices

Size: 170mm x 79mm x 41mm

Weight: 500 g